Wednesday, June 9, 2010

First Attempt:

First Attempt: 

Giada had a rough day at work.  She is the manager at a bank and it looks like one of her customers fraudulently withdrew $10,000.  My wife feels responsible and has been upset about it for a week.  Monday was particularly bad. She had to work late and was short handed. 

She was very tense when I called her at lunch and it occurred to me that she might enjoy a massage.  I have tried to get her to go to Massage Envy, the storefront place that opened in the shopping center near our house, but she is adamant that she doesn't want to be touched.  My wife is a study in opposites.  She is 31 years old and looks great - far better then I do, frankly.  She, however, thinks she looks like crap.  This is one of the more unpleasant developments in our marriage in the last few years. Her self-esteem has gotten worse as she has gotten older.  Part of seducing my wife is to make her feel as sexy as I think she is.  

Step one is to get her to relax. I also need to get her comfortable with being naked. Giada has amazing breasts, but she thinks they are sagging and insists on covering them in almost all circumstances.  I hate this.  It makes her uncomfortable and deprives me of her erection inspiring tits.  

When I got home I cooked dinner, straightened up, and got the kids ready for bed. My plan was for her to eat and then spend a few minutes with the kids before I took them upstairs to tuck them in.  Before she got home I put a bottle of wine in the fridge and had discreetly placed candles around the living room.  We have a couch with a chaise lounge and after some quick calculations I determined it would make a rough and ready massage table.  

Giada walked in and promptly got on the phone with her mother.  This pissed me off. My mother-in-law is not a bad woman, but she is a pain in the ass.  I tried to pour Giada a glass of wine.  She passed on that too.  I was behind on the count 0 and 2 and I was getting annoyed.  

In lieu of working I had spent the afternoon sitting in my office and imagining my wife half drunk and slippery with massage oil.  I even started to think I could get her relaxed enough to let me slide my cock in her pretty little ass.  It seemed like my bad intentions were in jeopardy.

My wife’s behind is well worth the effort.  She has an amazing ass and on the rare occasions I can get her to spread it open for me, she quite enjoys having it filled. I can count the number of times we have had anal sex, but when we do she gets dripping wet and usually has a great orgasm.  Like a lot of things in our sex life the issue does not seem to be physical.   She just has all these hang ups.  When we were dating I used to say she was a total whore in bed, but became Betty Crocker when we were done - so more or less the perfect woman!  Over time Betty has taken over and my hot little slut has disappeared. 

I manage to get the kids to sleep a little early and we settled into watch some TV. After a reasonable amount of time had passed and the kids were asleep, I asked my wife if she would like a massage.  I was expecting to get completely shot down but to surprise she consented.  

I am a planner and every detail was taken care of. There were dryer hot towels to cover her body, pre-warmed massage oil, and mood music on the stereo.  I had spent the better part of my afternoon studying massage techniques at work.  In a word I was ready.  

I put a clean sheet down on the chaise lounge, lit the candles, and told my wife to take off her clothes.  As I expected she was resistant.  First she would only go down to her bar and panties, but I insisted and we worked our way to topless and eventually completely naked.  I wanted to get her to relax so I only had the chance for a quick glance at her breasts (her nipples were hard and very big) and she shaved pussy before I guided her over to the chaise lounge.  I had her lie on her stomach and covered her lower body with a warm towel.  I folded the towel down just enough to see the dimple at the top of her ass.  My cock was very hard but I controlled myself. I concentrated on massaging her back, shoulders, neck and arms.  

I found a web site that laid out the techniques you need for an entire massage, like a blue print. I simply followed the directions. Some of the stuff was a little complicated, but if it became awkward I went back to the basic technique of making large upsweeps down the center of her back with the palms of both hands.  I would start just above her behind and sweep up, pushing down into the muscles along her spine, until I got to her shoulders.  I would then slide my hands along the outside of her back, lightly cupping the very outer side of her breasts on the way down.  

I massaged her for the better part of an hour.  It is hard work!  My hands hurt, my arms were tired, and my legs were starting to get spongy.  Before we started I turned the heat up in the room.  It was already a hot night and with the heat on it must have been above 80 – I was sweating.  According to the website the heat is supposed to make the massage more relaxing and sensual.  Based on Giada's consistent purring and occasional moan it seemed to be working.  

I asked my wife to turn over and stated to massage her breasts and stomach.  She was slightly self-conscious but I covered her eyes with another towel and she relaxed.  She looked amazing.  Her breasts are huge and her nipples were swollen.  I took my time, getting them even harder as I rubbed them with the massage oil. One hand started to move down her body, occasionally stroking the tiny patch of hair she kept just above her otherwise bald pussy.  I kissed her and at the same time ran my finger across her clit.  She moaned and arched up her back.  

Everything was going good.  I took the towel off her head and we started to kiss.  I took off my pants and straddled her.  My cock rubbed against her stomach while I kissed her neck and tits.  I started to move down her body, hoping to take her in my mouth, when out of nowhere I got the dreaded, "This is not working for me".

It took all my control to not lose my temper. First, I don’t like being thwarted. We have also fallen into this is the pattern lately.  Things go OK, she gets physically turned on (i.e. wet), but she tells me she it not horny.  I am really making an effort to understand this point of view, but it is hard.  After an awkward minute of two we headed upstairs to go to bed.  I felt even more isolated usual and we ended up having an hour long "discussion".  It never really reached the level of fight, but it still sucked.  

All was not lost however.  After talking half the night we started being honest with each other.  I told her that I am at a point were I think the issue is either that she isn’t attracted to me, which she denies, or she is creating the issue in her head.  I asked her what turned her on and after some cajoling she said she liked it when I told her stories.

Being with another woman is a fantasy Giada has enjoyed in the past.  We started talking about what it would be like to have a threesome and she got very turned on. I introduced some my fantasies, like watching her suck a stranger’s cock.  I also shared a fantasy I have about her sucking me off while other guys watch and jerk off.  After a few minutes of kissing she took my cock in her hand and started to aggressively jerk me off.  I kept telling her the most filthy things I could think of and suddenly she mounted me and started fucking me.  My balls slammed against her ass every time she ground her hips into me.  I took her tits in my mouth and bit her nipples a hard.  She moaned and I pulled her down and told her she was my little slut.  She sat up and looked me right in the eyes and said, "I am your slut".  

As we fucked she told me she wanted to find a woman and take her home. She wanted me to walk in on her and watch while she came all over the woman’s tongue. I told her that I wanted to force her take another guys huge cock in her ass while I fucked her pussy.  Fucking another guy didn't turn her on by itself, but she liked the idea of me making her take two dicks.  

I told her that I wanted to start fucking her ass as a regular thing.  Before I filled her up she swore up and down that she would do what ever I wanted.  As she started to cum I exploded inside her tight pussy and we ended up lying together until I got soft.

All in all it was a strange night.  Even so I would classify my first experiment a success.  I even gave her a homework assignment.  She has to think of and pick out a filthy porno for this weekend.  Something that turns her on.  I personally think it will be an orgy movie.  I am excited to see what she picks out.  

My mom is watching the kids for a couple of hours tonight. I figure we will have about 15 minutes to ourselves before we have to take care of something.  I am going to try to get her to suck my cock and let me cum in her mouth, maybe in the parking lot.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Day One - My Resolution

I have decided to seduce my wife. I will focus all of my sexual energy on her with the express purpose of getting into her panties as often as possible.

Sounds pretty easy, but it isn’t. It is about the hardest thing in the world to do. My wife and I have been married for 11 years and we have known each other for over thirteen. That is almost half my life.

At some point, over the decade we have been together, our relationship has lost its eroticism. We are not lovers anymore, not in a real sense. We have manual sex from time to time, but it is not like it was in college. I fucked her in an elevator once, between classes. There were people right outside the door! Now I am lucky if I can talk her into pity sex during the commercials breaks in Desperate Housewives. We lost our passion in the sum of kids and a house and working. Time took it, but we let it go. I don’t even remember fighting for it.

After our first kid was born my wife was very depressed. Post partum issues are common, but this was an entire year. Oh course I handled it like an ass. There was constant fighting. For my part I was scared and confused and hurt. We were young and neither of us knew what depression was. We suffered through it, but our relationship was never the same.

I like to fit my emotions into little compartments. I want this one, I hate that one, you are my friend, I want a hamburger – little thoughts and feelings neatly packed into self-contained storage lockers in my mind. The part of me that ties it all together is missing. I don't have apathy and I have never loved something unselfishly. I view people as objects and I measure their worth in the gain or lose they can provide to me.

Giada was different. I disregarded all my rules and chose to love her. I never built a compartment for her, not until after the baby was born. Then life got to out of control and I did what I have always done. I turned off my emotions and built a nice neat place to stick my feelings. The thing about compartments is that creates boundaries.

It has been 10 years and I am completely disconnected from my life. My days pass, one the same as the next. Get up, go to work, come home, and go to sleep. Start over again the next day. I need an adventure and I have decided to make that adventure the seduction of my wife.

There are other alternatives. My uncle spends his day looking at porn. Hours of masturbation directed at women he could never have. On the occasions I have looked at porn (hard to not look at internet porn when you are online 20 hours a day) and I find it ultimately useless. Fantasy only goes so far. So the next logical step is to find a new woman to fuck. But even that comes with complications.

I work with a guy who started an affair with a younger woman. It was exciting when he was with the new girl. The rest of the time was like being a spy working in a hostile country. I am proud of my tradecraft, but I can’t imagine the effort involved in maintaining cover and long term operational discipline is fun. That really only leaves one alternative – to turn my wife back into the girl I knew in college.

The following blog will be the chronicle of my experiment. Is it possible to undo 13 years of history? Can a 30-year-old mother rediscover her latent sexuality? Can I rediscover my passion?

Tune in to find out…